Twilight Falls


Colin Jeanne.NET Finally UpdatedSat Jul 26 20:13:02 2008Sat Jul 26 20:13:02 2008
Colin Jeanne

After several years of redesign on the backend of this site, I've finally arrived at a state which I feel is "complete enough". I've made massive improvements to the system that runs my blog and have added support for iStudyToGo in the APUS History Notes section.

The new site features a massively improved blog which I plan on using extensively. Comments are finally reenabled and very minor spam protections are in place. You no longer need to register on this site to add a comment: instead you can log in using OpenID (which you undoubtedly have).

If you are here for the APUS History Notes and you use iStudyToGo, you will finally be able to download the notes onto your iPod. Thank you to Chris Parcel for working with me to make this happen! (I'm sorry it took so long before it actually did happen)

I have plan to convert the APUS History Notes over to the new blog system to make use of its features but right now that is a very tedious task. This will probably happen slowly and incrementally and you will therefore see a shift away from the Word documents toward documents completely contained within this site. This means that you will eventually not need a copy of Word or OpenOffice to read these notes.


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